20 Reasons
  • Reason 19

    10.4% of SC high school students reported having experienced dating violence in the past year and 10% reported having been forced to have sex at some point in their lives Read More »
  • Reason 20

    Many sexual minority youth experience harassment/violence and often turn to unsafe activities such as alcohol/drug use or high-risk sexual behaviors to cope Read More »
  • Reason 18

    Although Hispanics represent a small portion of the total population in SC, they represent a disproportionate share of births among 15-19 year olds and of newly reported HIV case rates Read More »
  • Reason 17

    African American females make up 36% of the SC population of 15-19 year old females, but account for 47% of all births to teens in this age group Read More »
  • Reason 16

    In 2010,  youth aged 18-19 made up 73% of all SC teens births Read More »
  • Reason 15

    SC has the 11th highest teen birth rate in the US among 15-19 year olds Read More »
  • Reason 14

    In SC 82% of HIV cases among African Americans aged 15-24 were attributed to sexual contact among men who have sex with men compared to 14% of their Caucasian peers Read More »
  • Reason 11

    In 2010, SC African American youth age 15-19  had chlamydia case rates 3 times and gonorrhea case rates 7 times that of their Caucasian peers Read More »
  • Reason 6

    Of  the sexually active SC high school students, 20% report using alcohol or drugs before their last sexual intercourse Read More »
  • Reason 8

    SC ranks 4th for gonorrhea, 8th for chlamydia and AIDS  case rates per 100,000 population among all the states Read More »